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Set Decoration will always be Patricia's primary focus. However she does often lend her skills in Art Direction and Interior Design to exciting projects.

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Cover of Set Decor Magazine winter 2005 featuring Patricia's work on Brokeback Mountain

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Patricia Cuccia is a set decorator born in Toronto, Canada and a graduate of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

She has been decorating for 25 years and some of her credits include set decoration on such critically acclaimed films as BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, THE SWEET HEREAFTER and I'M NOT THERE.

As a child, she found magic and early inspiration, during the holidays, digging through rooms full of antiques and flea market finds in her grandmothers Victorian farmhouse in Southern Ontario.

Later after graduating from University was further inspired working as a production assistant on music videos for Don Allan Productions, often assisting art director, Donald Robertson- now famous fashion illustrator.

From there, she ventured out as a freelance commercial buyer and art director and then almost exclusively as a decorator for film and television. She has been extremely fortunate working for famous directors, producers and production designers.

She balances her career with a beautiful family life which includes travel and healthy vacation time spent at their off the grid cabin in Northern Ontario. Extensive travel worldwide and love of nature blends smoothly into her decorating aesthetic.


Producers: Sofia Coppola, Youree Henry
Director: Sofia Coppola
Production Designer: Tamara Deverell

The Brutalist

Producers: Trevor Matthews, Nick Gordon, Joshua Horsfield ( Brookstreet UK ) , Brian Young, Andrew Morrison ( Yellow Bear Productions)
Director: Brady Corbet

The Marsh King's Daughter

Producers: Teddy Swartzman, Michael Heimler
Director: Neil Burger
Production Designer: Tim Grimes


Producers: Anthony Katagas, Matthew Budman
Director: David O'Russell
Production Designer: Judy Becker


Producer: Jane Startz
Director: Elizabeth Rosenbaum
Production Designer: Elisa Sauve

The Comey Rule

Producer: Shane Salerno
Director: Billy Ray
Production Designer: Christopher Brown

Dare Me

Producers: Steph Green, Megan Abbott
Director: Steph Green
Production Designer: Michael Bricker

My Spy

Producer: Dave Bautista
Director: Peter Segal
Production Designer: Chris Spellman


Producers: Akiva Goldsmith, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti
Director: Brad Anderson
Production Designer: John Dondertman


Producers: K5 international, Oliver Simon, Oda Schaefer
Director: Andrew Niccol
Production Designer: Philip Ivey


Creators: Peter Blackie & Rob Blackie
Production Designer: Gorden Barnes


Producers: Iain Canning, Christina Piovesan
Director: Anton Corbijn
Production Designer: Anastasia Masaro

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Producers: Gary goetzman, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
Director: Kirk Jones
Production Designer: Gregory P. Keen


Producer: Greg Copeland
Director: Scott Stewart
Production Designer: Steve Geaghan


Producers: Guillermo del Toro, Barbara Muschietti, J.Miles Dale
Director: Andy Muschietti
Production Designer: Anastasia Masaro


Producers: Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss
Director: Laurent Cantet
Production Designer: Frankie Diago

The Time Traveler's Wife

Producer: Justis Greene
Director: Robert Schwentke
Production Designer: John Hutman

I'm Not There

Producers: Christine Vachon, Charles Pugliese
Director: Todd Haynes
Production Designer: Judy Becker

Brokeback Mountain

Producers: Scott Ferguson, James Schamus
Director: Ang Lee
Production Designer: Judy Becker

Cheaper By The Dozen 2

Producers: Shawn Levy, Adam Shankman
Director: Adam Shankman
Production Designer: Cary White

Mean Girls

Producer: Lorne Michaels
Director: Mark Waters
Production Designer: Cary White

The Sweet Hereafter

Producers: Atom Egoyan, Camelia Frieberg
Director: Atom Egoyan
Production Designer: Phillip Barker

September Songs

Producer: Rhombus Media
Production Designer: Michael Levine